TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards - Exclusive Luncheon Honors
'Singular Women As Individuals' - DEC. 10th - Knoll Restaurant - West Hollywood

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TheWIFTS Foundation is honored that talented and celebrated actress Julie Carmen (Gloria Milagro Beanfield War, Windows on the World) will be Mistress of Ceremonies for the 10th anniversary of TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards 2017, celebrating inspirational and outstanding women, who will be honored at the event. These 'women as individuals' from around the world will receive Awards for their work in Film, Television and Society. In its philosophy to bring together women from all walks of life, among the 'women as individuals' from society honored are author Deborah E. Lipstadt TheWIFTS Lifetime Achievement Award for her historical work, on which the film Denial recipient of The Adrienne Fancey Best Film Award 2017 starring Rachel Weisz is based, and TheWIFTS Career Achievement Award honors Lisa Szilagyi, Founder and Program Director of the Auriela Foundation. The film Denial perfectly mirrors the concept of TheWIFTS as it brings together the passion and integrity of two 'women as individuals' in the Art form of Film and Television the Visual Communicator of the 21st Century.(Honorees are selected by TheWIFTS Committee it is not a nomination process).




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