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    TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards 2017
TheWIFTS 2017 AWArdS honoree Luncheon - december 10Th- WeST hoLLyWood (uSA)
4 Gal Gadot
5 anGela Merkel
6 Ben & Ghen Guillory
7 Victoria thoMas
8 adrienne Fancey
FoundinG sponsor
9 rachel Weisz
10 elizaBeth Grant FoundinG sponsor
11 Mayes c. ruBeo
12 didi ananda kalika
13 reBecca zlotoWski
14 carla scaletti
15 susan Walter
16 eVa Gardner
17 ruth FieldinG
18 anni szilaGyi
19 lisa szilaGyi
20 First teaM realty
21 aurelia Foundation 22 kelly Macdonald
23 linda J. spilker
24 one hope Foundation 25 lynda carter
26 rendeVous Fleuriste 27 elaine partnoW
28 Julia Butler
29 Valentina castellani 30 sophie MaintiGneux 31 taira akBar
32 chelo alVarez-stehle 33 Jan creaMer
34 Gina aBateMarco
35 aisholpan nurGaiV 36 Jessica conGdon 37 caMille deaken
38 tBa studios
39 anna Maria JoakiMsdottir-hutri 40 zuelhs - leGaspi & coMpany
41 kikuko ireton
42 FroM the heart FoundinG sponsor 43 deBorah lipstadt
44 iF rudyard kiplinG & credits 45 eMMa lanMan
46 theatre For huMans
FoundinG sponsor
47 patrick Moulin FoundinG sponsor 48 pilliVuyt FoundinG sponsor
cLIcK on ImAGe & Go dIrecTLy To The honoreeS PAGe on TheWIFTS WebSITe
    Julie Carmen
 eWIFTS Foundation is honored that talented and celebrated actress Julie Carmen (Gloria, Milagro Bean eld War, Windows on the World) was Mistress of Ceremonies for the 10th anniversary of  eWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards 2017, celebrating inspirational and outstanding women, who were honored at the event.  ese ‘singular women as individuals’ from around
the world received Awards for their work in Film, Television and Society. In its philosophy to bring together women from all walks of life, among the ‘singular women as individuals’ from society selected and celebrated were author Deborah E. Lipstadt,  eWIFTS Lifetime Achievement Award for her historical work, on which the  lm Denial recipient of  e Adrienne Fancey Best Film Award 2017 starring Rachel Weisz is based, and  eWIFTS Humanitarian Award honored and celebrated Didi Ananda Kalika, Founder of  e Lotus Centre Mongolia.  e  lm Denial perfectly mirrors the concept of  eWIFTS as it brings together the passion and integrity of two ‘singular women as individuals’ in the Art form of Film and Television, the Visual Communicator of the 21st Century. (Honorees are Julie Carmen selected by  eWIFTS Committee; it is not a nomination process.)

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