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Eco-preneur Magda Rod – on a Mission to Save the
Rain Forest – to Receive Environment Award from
TheWIFTS Foundation in December

Los Angeles, CA – Environmentalist Magda Rod will receive the Gaea Environment Award at the second annual awards event for The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase (TheWIFTS Foundation) Event at the Andaz Hotel on Friday, December 4, 2009.

The Women's International Film & Television Showcase, TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards – in its second year is screening 14 films and 16 shorts from 11 countries. TheWIFTS screens films and documentaries celebrating the talent and accomplishments of women in the film and television industry worldwide that brings together women from all walks of life through the Art of Film & Television, the 21st Century Visual Communicator.

Rod is a self-described “eco-preneur.” With a background in photography and fashion design, she has always been independent and creative. After giving birth to her daughter in 1998, she said her whole world took a major turn for the green. She says, “It’s a natural progression. Once you have children you realize you want them to have a future to live for.”

A decade in the making, Magda’s clothing brand Wildchild Wear has always focused on inspiring and positive messages for the young girls it dresses. The line is a favorite of Hollywood’s offspring and is sold in the most exclusive high-end boutiques and department stores across the country.

In 2007 Magda launched Visionary, an eco conscious lifestyle brand. Starting with an organic cotton clothing line for babies kids and women, Visionary quickly expanded to include inspirational jewelry and other daily use eco conscious products like stainless steel water bottles.

Visionary’s mission is to raise awareness through education and inspire people to live a more environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle. Visionary accomplishes this by introducing people,in a fun way,to products,ideas and concepts that, rather than harming the planet,are actually improving it. The Visionary tag line “What’s Your Wish for The World?” was designed to ignite thought that will ultimately lead to action and positive change.

In 2008 Rod expanded the brand by opening Visionary Boutique, a triple bottom line retail venture focused on offering environmentally and socially conscious eco chic products. Out of a desire to make a tangible contribution for every product they create or sell, Visionary partnered with the non-profit Trees for the Future. Through this partnership, Visionary plants a tree for each item they sell or create. So far, Visionary has planted thousands of trees in Kenya, the Amazon Rain Forest, and other parts of the world.

The reason Visionary chose TFF was that they not only plant trees, which help environmentally by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, they also plant those trees in underprivileged communities where they help to create a sustainable livelihood for the people who live there. “The environmental combined with the social consciousness of this organization made them a perfect match for Visionary”, says Rod. In 2009 Visionary Boutique added a second location in Costa Mesa, and on Earth day, launched “Visionary Mobile”, a mobile version of the boutique, housed in a sustainably renovated vintage airstream trailer. Magda takes the mobile boutique to festivals and private parties to spread the Visionary message with as many people as possible.

Because of her belief that education is the solution to so many of our challenges today, Magda is also a partner in the nonprofit “The National Public High School Speaking Competition Inc.” In November 2009, along with the creator, Richard Greene, Magda helped to launch “The Environmental Solutions Eco-Warrior Competition” with the New York Department of Education. The program invites the 350,000 high school students in New York City to compete for scholarships and prizes by submitting videos about their solutions to today’s various environmental challenges. The mission of the non-profit is to find and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. In addition to New York City, they plan to take the program to all the major school districts around the country.

Making sure to live up to the title of “Eco-preneur”Magda is also a partner in several other eco friendly product companies. Banner Bag Co makes accessories in a solar powered factory, out of “waste” banner material. Magda also heads up Keshot Verde, the Green division of Keshot, a digital photo booth company. With Keshot,Magda’s first order of business was to create another partnership with Trees For The Future, and begin planting a tree for each photo sent through the booth. Magda is also an independent distributor for The Amazon Herb Company, whose mission is to make the Amazon Rain Forest worth more alive than dead, by distributing products made from the incredible natural resources found there. Every sale helps to preserve the Rain Forest, and Magda herself has saved over an acre already through her work with the company.

Today Magda describes herself as an entrepreneur, activist, educator, retailer, photographer, publicist, stylist, and most important of all, mother.

Magda Rod will be awarded the Gaea Environment Award at The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase second annual event on Friday, December 4, 2009.

To embrace its ethos, TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards honors ‘women as individuals’. This year’s Honorees include: Elizabeth Grant – Lifetime Achievement Award; Nancy Kwan – Lifetime Tribute Award; Tegla Loroupe –Dove Award; Shohreh Aghdashloo - Humanitarian Award; Betty Makoni -Humanitarian Award; Mary McGuckian – Career Achievement Award; Nancy Carter – The Elizabeth Grant Entrepreneur Award; Christina Jennings – Television Pioneer Award; Ruth Carter – Costume Design Award; Irshad Manji – Visionary Award; Georgia Jeffries – Screenwriter Award; Judy Irola – Cinematographer Award; and Magda Rod – Gaea Environment Award.

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