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Recipients of TheWIFTS Foundation Awards 2017 Selected Honorees
Founder of TheWIFTS Foundation Concept 
Passion & Integrity - Commerce & Creativity
Equality Not Hierarchy

Elspeth Tavares

Elspeth Tavares is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Business of Film, an independent film industry trade publication founded in 1980. Educated in London, she began her career in publishing with London’s The Observer newspaper where she learned the printing and ad sales business. Her success with this prestigious national Sunday newspaper led to an appointment with the UK’s major film trade newspaper, Screen International, where she rose to the position of Managing Director, restructuring the company and making it into a highly profitable enterprise. It was subsequently acquired by a leading UK publishing house. Her experience in consumer, trade and national newspaper publishing, coupled with her expertise in the international film industry, resulted in the founding of The Business of Film with offices in London and Los Angeles. With her own publication, she has been at the forefront of encouraging new young talent and for the first decade of its existence, The Business of Film operated a trainee journalism scheme for graduates from Oxford and Cambridge to ground them in the complexities of the international film business. Tavares an award winning Journalist, is a member of the British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) and a founding member of Women in Film, London.

Paula Fierman-Friedricks
TheWIFTS Foundation
Ambassador USA

Paula Fierman-Friedricks has joined the team of The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase (TheWIFTS) and TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards as its Ambassador in the United States. 
With more than 25 years of worldwide media experience, Paula throughout her career has applied her extensive experience and ability to conceptualize, develop and implement strategic initiatives to help businesses raise their profile and profitability in a highly competitive global marketplace.
Fierman-Friedricks, with a superior knowledge of the marketplace, represents the kind of marketing, distribution, sales, and management expertise that emerging as well as established companies and nonprofits need to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. 
One of Fierman-Friedricks latest assignments was working with Palm Springs Life/Desert Publications Inc. on an advertising sales assignment in print, digital and social media. Palm Springs Life has celebrated the Southern California desert lifestyle by offering sophisticated content to an affluent audience of residents and visitors for 60 years.
In 2001, she co-founded PAULAR Entertainment, a media consultancy that specializes in raising pre-production sales, licensing domestic and international entertainment product and marketing/promotional services for television, feature film, and new media companies.
A recent marketing and distribution assignment was on behalf of world-renowned Australian photographer, Anne Geddes. Besides striking deals for Anne’s documentary and series with iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, and other leading digital media, Fierman Friedricks also obtained an Ambassadorship for Anne with the UN Foundation, Every Woman Every Child.
In the film, television, and new media arenas, Fierman Friedricks was instrumental in the launch and expansion of the publicly traded independent production and distribution companies Fries Entertainment and Kushner-Locke. Both companies gained international prominence and double-digit growth during her tenure. As vice president of Jones Entertainment Group, a division of Jones Intercable, she oversaw marketing of the company’s substantial television library.
Fierman Friedricks began in the publishing world, where she served as the national sales and marketing director for Ms. Magazine, reporting directly to co-founder Gloria Steinem. She was national advertising sales director for Games Magazine, where she expanded the magazine’s highly targeted corporate advertising base. At OMNI, she played a key role in promoting to a Fortune 500 audience the science fact/science fiction intersection that heralded the future.
Paula currently serves as vice chair on the Rancho Mirage Speakers Series Commission. Their mission is “to enrich the cultural life in our community by providing well-rounded programs that often consist of speakers from the political, entertainment and literary fields.” The 2018 slate includes General Wesley Clark, Lara Logan and Tab Hunter.
Working with Elspeth Tavares founder of TheWIFTS, Paula Fierman Friedricks will advocate to secure support and raise the profile of TheWIFTS Foundation and its goals in North America.

Michaela Weber
TheWIFTS Foundation
Ambassador Europe

Michaela Weber has joined the team of The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase (TheWIFTS) and TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards as its Ambassador in Europe. 
Michaela has over 15 years’ experience working with McKinsey & Company in various locations, where her role focused on corporate events, training, relationship building, knowledge and communications. Michaela led McKinsey’s European Insurance and Asset Management Practice event planning and implementations efforts and has authored publications connected to her role. She also played a key role in developing the department’s social media and community strategy. 
Prior to joining McKinsey, Michaela enjoyed a varied career across operational and project management in events, communications, public relations, talent and coaching at Apple, Texas Instruments and Deutsche Vereinsbank. In 1998 she co-founded Uroni&Weber, a consultancy that specialized in developing business and career coaching for startups as well as branding and event services.
Throughout her career in international consultancy, financial services, entertainment and tech, Michaela has cultivated her passion for diversity and inclusion through building relationships and communities across a variety of business industries and sectors. 
Michaela is currently leading the planning and operations for ClexaCon 2018 London - the first and largest multi-fandom event, providing a platform to build community, connecting filmmakers, actors and industry professionals for LGBTQ women and allies. Besides managing corporate events, she now focuses on developing diverse professional networks and communities by connecting business professionals to each other as well as coaching and consulting for corporate conferences.
Michaela Weber working closely with Elspeth Tavares, founder of TheWIFTS  will advocate to secure support and raise the profile of TheWIFTS Foundation and its goals in Europe.

Aimee Andersen, Founder
Aimee Andersen And Associates Ltd. (AAA)

Aimée Anderson is a dynamic communications specialist with almost 20 years’ experience working with global Brands in public relations. In 2016, she founded Aimée Anderson and Associates Ltd (AAA) – an agency which specialises in unbranded content through groundbreaking Global Consumer Brand/Film Partnerships.
Prior to AAA, Aimée enjoyed an eight-year tenure at film and television international PR agency, DDA, where she specialised in the entertainment industry and advanced regularly in recognition of her achievements, particularly for her part in growing the global business. During that time, she also set up DDA's Brand division where she secured and worked with pioneering global Consumer Brands including: Electrolux; HP; Lexus; RedBull and Swarovski, that used film as a ground-breaking approach to consumer engagement in a digital age. In early 2015, she secured a seat on the Board in the position of Managing Director, where she was responsible for growing the Consumer Brand division as well as managing the operations and HR for the business.
Having commenced her career at global PR agency, Porter Novelli, she cut her teeth on accounts such as Gillette; British Airways; Carlsberg; HP Inc.; Great North Eastern Railway (GNER); the NHS; the Home Office; the Department of Health; Hilton; Gala Coral Group; the British Lung Foundation; Danish Bacon; and Disney Consumer Products.
Aimée studied at Glasgow Caledonian University and graduated with a BA Hons: 2.1 in Mass Media and Communications.

Helene Felci
Project Liaison & Coordinator,
Bourges - France

Helene Felci, a native of and based in Bourges (central France), is working with TheWIFTS Foundation as its Project Coordinator for TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards, to celebrate TheWIFTS milestone 10th Anniversary event, and to bring the event to France home of Pillivuyt in 2017. TheWIFTS Award, a unique one-of-a-kind award sculptured in porcelain, is sponsored and manufactured by Pillivuyt based in Mehun Sur Yeyre, one of the first porcelain towns of France. The town is home to the The Porcelain Museum which presents a permanent exhibition on the world of porcelain manufacture.
Helene is fluent in English and two other languages, and studied languages at the University of Orléans, where she qualified as a language teacher and spent a further year qualifying at a specialist school in Paris as a Tourist Guide. Utilizing her language skills, Helene coaches both children and adults in a classroom or home environment. Her experience and skills span the breadth of dealing with children with a limited grasp of English, and adults needing to improve their English skills with the opportunity the European Union offers in the expanded job market. As a Tourist Guide for Tourism of Tours for three years Helene accompanied, educated and informed tourists about the beautiful and historic Château of the Loire Valley including Chambord, Chenonceau and Amboise. Today as a guide, her duties are concentrated in the Bourges, the capital of the Berry region, central France. Bourges, a medieval town (once the Capital of France) which was fortunately not bombed during World War II, is home to the *Cathedral of St Etienne of Bourges, (a UNESCO Heritage site) built between the late Twelfth and late Thirteenth Centuries. It is one of the great masterpieces of Gothic art and is admired for its proportions and the unity of its design. The tympanum, sculptures and stained-glass windows are particularly striking and are among the best examples of Gothic architecture. Bourges, a yet undiscovered gem in the middle of France, also has many examples of houses that date back to the Fifteenth Century.
Helene Felci's other skills include all areas of marketing from purchase through to delivery, working with designers to update brochures, catalogues and websites, and ensuring the best commercial outcome for her clients. In her leisure time, Helene enjoys the 'culture of France' - cooking for family and friends, organizing dinner parties, and social get-togethers in her home, listening to good music and creating and enjoying home-cooked cuisine.
Enjoying French films is another past-time and her favorite French actors are François Cluzet, Jean Dujardin, Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris, Richard Berry and Patrick Bruel. French actresses include Mélanie Laurent, Alice Taglioni, Mathilde Seigner, Sophie Marceau, and Marion Cotillard. Helene confesses to having a penchant for both American and English films, with Clint Eastwood and Denzel Washington top on her list. However, her secret vice are the films of Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze - she admits to having seen Dirty Dancing and Top Gun at least 15 times each! With two young children, keeping fit is part Helene's routine with swimming, running, and walking which she is able to do frequently in the beautiful countryside that surrounds Issoudun. In her rare sedentary moments, novels, biographies, historical books and comics are in her library. Her interests also extends to the joys of motoring and vintage cars, having once being the proud owner of an original 1967 Fiat 500, Italy's classic answer to Germany's Beetle. Helen Felci spent her formative years in Issoudun, before leaving for her studies in Paris, and currently resides in the town with her family, which is also the home of her parents.


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